Outdoor Ottomans

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Dive into the world of stylish and functional outdoor furniture with our top picks for the best Outdoor Ottomans. Discover the perfect blend of design and comfort as we showcase our roundup of the most sought-after ottomans for your patio or garden. Get ready to elevate your outdoor living experience!

The Top 10 Best Outdoor Ottomans

  1. GDF Studio Textured Outdoor Wicker Ottoman with Brown Cushion — Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with GDF Studio’s Boden Outdoor Wicker Ottoman, featuring a weather-resistant design, removable cushion, and crafted frame for your outdoor lounge.
  2. Ojai Outdoor Ottoman: Weathered Steel Water-Resistant Relaxation — Relax in style with the Ojai Outdoor Ottoman from Joss & Main, the perfect addition to your outdoor lounge setup for ultimate comfort and elegance.
  3. Durable Adirondack Outdoor Ottoman — All-Weather Tangentwood Footstool for Patio Lounging — Unwind in style with DuroGreen’s all-weather Adirondack Ottoman, the perfect outdoor foot stool for your Folding Adirondack Chair, offering comfort, maintenance-free durability, and eco-friendly features.
  4. Saturn Collection Outdoor Tan Wicker Patio Ottoman — Unleash your outdoor living experience with the W Unlimited Saturn Collection Patio Ottoman, featuring all-weather durability and a timeless design.
  5. Lane Taupe Cushion Outdoor Ottoman with Charcoal Cushion Frame — Experience outdoor comfort and luxury with the Lane Outdoor Ottoman, featuring a weather-resistant design, water- and UV-resistant fabric, and a removable, easy-to-clean cushion.
  6. Stylish Taupe Outdoor Ottoman for Modern Spaces — Vela Outdoor Ottoman: A sturdy, visually appealing modular system crafted for floating architectures, perfect for outdoor spaces.
  7. Coastal Living Seneca Outdoor Ottoman — Enjoy true comfort and durability with the Coastal Living Outdoor Seneca Ottoman, expertly designed for all-weather enjoyment without compromising on style or comfort.
  8. Gray Patio Festival Metallic Ottoman with Comfortable Cushion — Unwind in style with the Patio Festival Metal Outdoor Ottoman, featuring a sturdy iron frame, comfortable gray cushion, and a visually appealing wicker/rattan design.
  9. Echo Ash Matte Aluminum Outdoor Ottoman with Sunbrella Cushions by Esme — Elevate your outdoor space with the Esme Ottoman from Joss & Main, featuring a sunbrella cushion and inspired by mid-century design, perfect for smaller spaces with a modern touch.
  10. Byrnes Modern Adirondack Ottoman — Relax in Style Outdoors — Elevate your outdoor seating experience with the stylish and versatile Federal Blue Byrnes Outdoor Ottoman, perfect for Adirondack chairs and ideal for your next lake, beach, or poolside adventure!

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GDF Studio Textured Outdoor Wicker Ottoman with Brown Cushion

GDF Studio Textured Outdoor Wicker Ottoman with Brown Cushion | Image

The GDF Studio Boden Outdoor Wicker Ottoman brings a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. Its sleek wicker finish adds a charming and practical touch, while the plush cushion ensures maximum comfort.

This versatile item can be used as a coffee table, footrest, or casual seating. The polyethylene rattan is both durable and visually appealing, making it a standout choice for any outdoor setting.

The cushion is included, adding a layer of softness for your relaxation time. The lightweight aluminum frame ensures durability while being easy to move around, and the ottoman is weather resistant, making it ideal for mild weather conditions. With dimensions of 32.50 x 32.50 x 12.00 inches and a weight of 13.89 lb, this piece makes a perfect addition to any outdoor space.

Ojai Outdoor Ottoman: Weathered Steel Water-Resistant Relaxation

Ojai Outdoor Ottoman: Weathered Steel Water-Resistant Relaxation | Image

I recently gave the Ojai Outdoor Ottoman a try, and it’s become a staple in my outdoor lounge setup. The clean, classic styling matches my existing Ojai outdoor low lounge seating, instantly elevating my comfort level.

I love the weathered steel finish, which adds a touch of rustic charm. Plus, the solid acacia wood construction ensures that the ottoman can withstand the elements without much wear and tear. The rectangular shape offers a versatile resting spot for my feet, providing the perfect spot to unwind after a long day.

Although the ottoman doesn’t come with cushions, I’m pleased that it’s water-resistant, so I can easily spot clean it when needed. Overall, it’s a beautiful and functional addition to my outdoor space.

Durable Adirondack Outdoor Ottoman — All-Weather Tangentwood Footstool for Patio Lounging

Durable Adirondack Outdoor Ottoman - All-Weather Tangentwood Footstool for Patio Lounging | Image

Get the ultimate outdoor relaxation with the Adirondack Ottoman. Crafted with an oversized, curved surface, this footstool provides ample support to your legs so you can unwind in the fresh air. Its stunning design complements your Folding Adirondack Chair, bringing that classic elegance to your patio.

Constructed with premium, all-weather Tangentwood lumber, this ottoman ensures you’re investing in top-notch quality. With GreenCircle certification, it’s environmentally friendly and ready to withstand the elements — it won’t fade, chip or crack, even after years of use. The solid construction also means a minimum maintenance routine — all you need is a simple wash with soap and water.

Its durability, combined with its hassle-free maintenance, has made it a favorite choice for many. The Adirondack Ottoman is an outdoor relaxation essential that will transform your patio into a serene escape. So kick back, enjoy the view, and allow this sturdy ottoman to do the rest.

Saturn Collection Outdoor Tan Wicker Patio Ottoman

Saturn Collection Outdoor Tan Wicker Patio Ottoman | Image

I’ve been using the W Unlimited Saturn Collection Outdoor Garden Patio Ottoman in my garden for a few weeks now, and I have to say, it’s been a game-changer. This ottoman stands out with its luxurious tan finish and hand-woven wicker strapping. The full-size round core all-weather resin rattan is incredibly resistant to fading and warping, even after being exposed to direct sunlight for over 4,000 hours.

One of the best things about this outdoor ottoman is its versatility. It’s perfect for lounging or even serving as an additional seating option during outdoor gatherings. And the best part? Despite its durability, it doesn’t compromise on comfort — the cushion is soft and comfy, making it ideal for long, relaxing sessions in the garden.

However, there’s one thing I noticed — it took a while to put together. I had to spend some time figuring out which piece went where, but once it was assembled, the result was well worth the effort. Overall, the W Unlimited Saturn Collection Outdoor Garden Patio Ottoman has become a trusty companion in my garden, bringing both style and comfort to my outdoor space.

Lane Taupe Cushion Outdoor Ottoman with Charcoal Cushion Frame

Lane Taupe Cushion Outdoor Ottoman with Charcoal Cushion Frame | Image

Savor your sunny afternoons with the Lane Outdoor Ottoman, offering both style and comfort. Its sleek design and modern silhouette make it a perfect outdoor addition, as it features sturdy plastic legs that are lightweight and easy to move around your deck. The weather-resistant frame ensures durability against harsh outdoor conditions while the water- and UV-resistant Sunbrella fabric keeps the top looking good season after season.

Plus, the removable and cleanable cushion adds that extra level of comfort. However, a minor drawback is the snap and lock assembly of the legs, which might cause dislodging and make it unstable when moving it around. Nonetheless, the Lane Outdoor Ottoman brings style and comfort to your outdoor living space, making it a versatile and convenient choice.

Stylish Taupe Outdoor Ottoman for Modern Spaces

Stylish Taupe Outdoor Ottoman for Modern Spaces | Image

As someone who enjoys outdoor living, I was drawn to the Vela Outdoor Ottoman in the Taupe color. I must say, this piece of furniture truly exceeded my expectations. The Taupe color adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, complementing any outdoor space.

What stood out to me the most was the balance of proportions and precise volumes that make these elements look as if they’re hovering slightly above the ground. The visual appeal is enhanced when the piece is illuminated, creating a stunning floating effect.

The sturdiness of the product is another highlight. Thanks to its water-resistant and weather-resistant design, you can enjoy it outside without any worries. It provides solid support, and I’ve used it as both a table and an extra seating option around the pool.

However, I noticed that the ottoman does not come with cushions, so I added some to make it more comfortable for lounging. It is also worth mentioning that the warranty is limited to two years, but the craftsmanship and durability are definitely worth it. Overall, the Vela Outdoor Ottoman is an excellent addition to any outdoor space, delivering both style and functionality.

Coastal Living Seneca Outdoor Ottoman

Coastal Living Seneca Outdoor Ottoman | Image

I recently tried out the Seneca Ottoman from Coastal Living, and it’s been the perfect addition to my outdoor living space. With a charcoal finish and stainless steel hardware, this outdoor ottoman not only looks great but is also built to last. The comfort seat cushions are a standout feature, thanks to the 1.8-density antimicrobial foam that keeps them from developing mold or mildew, and the water-resistant properties of the outdoor performance fabric.

During my time using the Seneca Ottoman, I noticed that it managed to provide a level of comfort similar to an indoor living room set-up. The seat cushions, wrapped in a 2oz dacron fiber, offered a cozy and supportive experience. Plus, the sonic seals and water-resistant ticking ensured that moisture was kept out, making it ideal for use even after a wet swimsuit or during light rain. Overall, this outdoor ottoman has been a fantastic investment for my patio, providing both style and comfort that can handle the elements.

Gray Patio Festival Metallic Ottoman with Comfortable Cushion

Gray Patio Festival Metallic Ottoman with Comfortable Cushion | Image

During the warmer months, I had the pleasure of using the Patio Festival Metal Outdoor Ottoman with Gray Cushion. Its sturdy iron frame, coated in a resistant powder, made me feel quite safe while relaxing, and the wider armrests offered a comfortable resting place. My favorite part was the visual appeal of the wicker/rattan design, which blended seamlessly with my outdoor patio set.

Though the ottoman is somewhat hefty, the added weight was worth it for its durability. Assembling this outdoor oasis was a breeze, but I would recommend keeping the instructions handy in case you need a reminder. I truly appreciated its lightweight and portable nature, making it effortless to move around and enjoy my outdoor space to its fullest.

Echo Ash Matte Aluminum Outdoor Ottoman with Sunbrella Cushions by Esme

Echo Ash Matte Aluminum Outdoor Ottoman with Sunbrella Cushions by Esme | Image

The Esme Outdoor Ottoman from Joss & Main is a charming blend of timeless design and modern materials. Its sleek silhouette, reminiscent of mid-century architecture, is complemented by its sophisticated all-weather rope and matte aluminum frame, evoking the look and feel of natural stone.

The ottoman’s rounded tube frame supports a plush cushion, crafted for smaller spaces and boasting Echo Ash Sunbrella upholstery for a luxurious touch. Weighing in at just 12 lbs. , this versatile piece, with a 10-year limited warranty, is a handsome addition to any outdoor setting.

Byrnes Modern Adirondack Ottoman — Relax in Style Outdoors

Byrnes Modern Adirondack Ottoman - Relax in Style Outdoors | Image

As a modern outdoor enthusiast, I found the Byrnes Outdoor Ottoman from AllModern to be the perfect addition to my collection of Adirondack chairs. The Federal Blue color matches my other outdoor furniture perfectly, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

One of the first things I noticed about this ottoman is its durability. Its UV-resistant, water-resistant, and weather-resistant exterior ensures that it can withstand even the toughest outdoor conditions. Additionally, the plastic exterior is easy to clean and maintain, making it a practical choice for any outdoor space.

Weighing only 9 lbs. , this rectangular-shaped ottoman is easy to transport and store when not in use. Its folding design allows me to quickly switch up the layout of my outdoor living area, making it an incredibly versatile piece of furniture. When it comes to relaxing by the pool or lounging by the lake, this Byrnes Outdoor Ottoman has got me covered.

However, it would have been a nice touch to have cushions included for added comfort. Nonetheless, I appreciate that this ottoman is easy on the eyes and on the wallet. The 12-year warranty adds peace of mind, ensuring that my investment is well-protected. In summary, the Byrnes Outdoor Ottoman is a stylish and practical addition to any outdoor living space, and its durability and ease of use make it a standout choice.

Buyer’s Guide

Outdoor ottomans are an essential addition to any outdoor living space, providing both comfort and functionality. In this buyer’s guide, we will discuss the key features to consider when purchasing an outdoor ottoman, as well as general advice to help you make the best choice for your needs.


Materials and Build Quality

Outdoor ottomans are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, so it is crucial to choose one made from durable materials. Look for ottomans made of materials like all-weather wicker, aluminum, teak, polyethylene, or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to ensure they are weather-resistant and easy to maintain.

Size and Comfort

Select an ottoman that offers ample space for comfortable seating. Measure the space where you plan to place the ottoman and consider the height of the seat, ensuring it is suitable for users of different heights. Additionally, consider the overall weight capacity of the ottoman to ensure it can accommodate multiple users.


Design and Style

Outdoor ottomans come in a wide range of styles to suit various aesthetics. Choose one that complements your outdoor space, whether it’s a modern, classic, or coastal design. You may also want to consider the ottoman’s color, pattern, and finish to match other outdoor furnishings and accessories in your space.

Features and Accessories

Consider additional features and accessories that can enhance your outdoor ottoman experience. Some popular options include built-in cup holders, storage compartments, or a removable cushion for easy cleaning and storage during off-seasons. Check if the ottoman comes with a locking mechanism to secure it during transportation or when not in use.



What are the benefits of using an Outdoor Ottoman?

An Outdoor Ottoman offers several benefits. It provides a comfortable seating solution for your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing environment while still being a part of the conversation. The durability of the materials used ensures that it can withstand the elements, which is a plus if you plan to leave it outside throughout the year. Additionally, outdoor ottomans come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, making it easy for you to find one that fits your outdoor decor and personal preferences.

The extra seating can also be convenient when entertaining guests outdoors. It adds flexibility to seating arrangements and allows you to accommodate more people comfortably. Overall, an Outdoor Ottoman is an excellent investment for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living space experience, offering both functionality and style.


Can an Outdoor Ottoman be used indoors?

Yes, an Outdoor Ottoman can certainly be used indoors. While they are primarily designed for outdoor use, their durability and versatility make them a suitable option for indoor settings as well. Many people appreciate the unique aesthetic they bring to their living room or office, especially in areas with a more laid-back vibe, such as a family room or a casual workspace. Just ensure that the ottoman is placed in a protected spot away from direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions if you plan to use it indoors.

It is always a good idea to confirm the dimensions of the Ottoman before moving it indoors, as indoor spaces often have tighter furniture arrangements. Additionally, if the Ottoman is made from a wood type that may be negatively affected by humidity, it should be kept in a climate-controlled environment to prevent damage.

What materials are Outdoor Ottomans typically made from?

Outdoor Ottomans are typically made from weather-resistant materials to withstand the elements. Popular materials include resin wicker, rattan, teak, and aluminum. Resin wicker and rattan offer durability, ease of maintenance, and a natural look. Teak is known for its strong resistance to decay and rot, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture. Aluminum frames provide lightweight durability and are more resistant to rust compared to iron or steel.

These materials are specifically chosen because they can withstand exposure to sunlight, moisture, and extreme temperatures without rotting or deteriorating. They are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the ottoman remains in its best condition even after years of outdoor use. Look for high-quality materials and construction when purchasing an Outdoor Ottoman to maximize its longevity.


What are the best ways to maintain an Outdoor Ottoman?

To prolong the life of your Outdoor Ottoman and keep it looking great, proper maintenance is essential. Start by finding out what the manufacturer recommends in terms of cleaning and weatherproofing. Most outdoor ottomans are made from resistant materials, making them relatively low-maintenance. However, regular care can help ensure they remain in good condition over time.

When not in use, store the Ottoman in a protected area. This can help protect it from dust, UV rays, extreme temperature variations, and rain. Remove any dirt or debris from the surface using a soft brush or cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials that could damage the finish or scratch the surface. Some Ottomans come with cushions, which should be brought in and dried if they get wet. Most can handle exposure to a certain amount of moisture, but it’s best to bring them inside when not in use if possible.

How do I choose the right size ottoman for my outdoor space?

Choosing the right size of an outdoor Ottoman is crucial for both functionality and aesthetics. Consider the space where the Ottoman will be placed and make sure it has enough room to move around and accommodate others comfortably. The size should allow users to sit comfortably without feeling cramped or overwhelmed.

When measuring the space for an ottoman, consider the size of the cushion as well. If the cushion is larger, the frame should be bigger to support the weight. However, it is crucial not to overstate the size of the ottoman as this could make the area feel narrow and overcrowded. Most outdoor Ottomans come in standard sizes ranging from 12 to 48 inches in diameter and can be easily adjusted depending on the available space and the desired seating capacity.

Can I customize the look of my outdoor ottoman?

Yes, many outdoor Ottoman manufacturers provide customization options to help you create a unique and personalized piece that fits your outdoor decor perfectly. Some factors you can customize include the color of the frame, the fabric of the cushion, the size of the ottoman, and the addition of any extra features such as cup holders or lumbar support.

Customization options can be particularly useful if you are looking to match your outdoor ottoman with existing outdoor furniture or decor. Alternatively, customizing an Ottoman allows you to showcase your personal style and create an outdoor living space that truly reflects your unique tastes and preferences.

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